Absolutely beautiful works of art

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I’ve been working on my fabric stash for quite a while, and found I was now struggling to decide what could become bags–and my attention turned to the plant dyed woollen blanket stash. Having made quite a few larger items–the question of what to do with the small scraps arose (inevitably). And so, a very large number of needle books came into existence.

And then some more, and some more. The stash of random small quantities of string went into the mix, and eventually home made string also got used!

I guess I will now have to work on creating some mending kits…

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I was brought up with Dr Who. Its one of the endearing memories of my childhood is laying on the floor of my parents home watching episodes, or hiding behind my mum when some scary bubble wrap monster came on.

So when Torchwood was announced I had to watch it. I love Captain Jack Harkness as portrayed by the wonderful John Barrowman. The majority of the series was hit or miss. When it was good, it was very good a standout for me was Children of Earth. Children of Earth still stands out to me as one of the best television moments. This is where Naplan could go, if used as a tool to judge who is worthy of being allowed to live. Then it could be very medicore, and I spent the time wishing for more Captain Jack to be injected.

So when I came across this post on TOR The Ten Best Episodes of Torchwood, Ever – I knew I had to share it with you.

Triennial, National Gallery of Victoria

This is particularly timely in my discussions with friends about why craft isn’t held in the same esteem as art…

Local & Bespoke


When we went to Melbourne for the end of year family shindig, we went to the National Gallery of Victoria.  I wanted to go  to see something in particular… and, how embarrassing is my ignorance…  it was showing in a completely different art gallery. So I saw this exhibition instead.  I think it must be clear to regular readers that I am not art-knowledgeable.  But there were some things I thought might be of interest to you, dear readers. This image is part of an exhibit by Richard Mosse criticising and commenting on the Australian government’s policies on asylum seekers, which really do beg to be criticised.  It was interesting to see so many people stopping to watch these works, showing images of the offshore detention centres our government has taken many steps to stop us seeing.


There were some serious design works of extreme fashion, like these rather amazing…

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African Inspired Planter

Such an effective way of upcycling.

Aixie's Space

Flicking through Pinterest and I’m seeing lots of gorgeous African textiles and patterns, and I decided I wanted to decorate something with a similar style.

This little white ceramic planter was picked up on an op shopping trip a couple of years ago, and has spent the last little while in my studio holding washi tape.

With black permanent texta in hand and African patterns on my laptop, I started drawing!

It’s not even or perfect, but I love the bespoke nature of it!

It makes me want more black and white pieces in amongst all my colours!

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Home Made Lip Balm

So simple and yet such a wonderful result

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All my life, even as a child, I have had very dry lips. So I never go anywhere without several different tubes and pots of lip balm, and for many years now I’ve been making my own.

And today, as I whipped up another batch, I thought I’d share it with you!

I have many recipes for natural skincare, and in fact worked for a while teaching classes in aromatherapy. A lot of my recipes come from this amazing book by Carolyn Stubbin, which is sadly out of print now.

My lip balm recipe is loosely based on her “healing lip balm”, although I’ve made a couple of changes to suit me.


15gm Beeswax

5gm Cocoa Butter

5gm Honey

65ml Jojoba Oil

5ml Carrot Infused Oil

5ml Camellia Oil

10 drops Essential Oil (the choice is yours, but make sure you choose oils that are safe for sensitive skin…

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A great case of yarn bombing!!!

Local & Bespoke


We spent Christmas with my beloved’s family and my daughter in Melbourne.  We were in Melbourne, so yarn bombs were to be expected, but this one on a major city street was a serious commitment, with lace and cables and a a lot of pom poms, offering the colours of the rainbow.  maybe it was someone’s statement on the whole same sex marriage debate our country has all too recently been having?

I did not expect to be surrounded by dye plants!  There were dye eucalypts all round where we were staying: E Cinerea, E Sideroxylon, and even more exciting, E Polyanthemos! Also, rhagodia in fruit.


Even more exciting still, Indigofera Australis, and a lot of it.  I just had no way to dye with any of it in the time we were there.  I just had to be content with admiration.

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Tie Dye Pillow Slips, PANTONE colour of the year and January Bed Post.

Absolutely gorgeous…..

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I don’t use purple a lot in my decorating. The only place it tends to appear is in my bedroom and it’s not a colour I feel really comfortable with.

But guess what the PANTONE colour of the year for 2018 is?

An amazing hue of purple designated Ultra Violet .

It’s a nice shade of purple and has inspired me to think differently about all the colours of purple in 2018!

Starting with some old school tie dye. I have a pair of very soft, very comfortable, rather saggy and ancient Egyptian cotton pillow slips. They’re a faded pale blue, they look like crap and I can’t part with them as they’re so cosy.

In order to prolong their lives just a little bit longer, I am again resorting to tie dye, this time in a bright purple hue!

I’ve chosen a traditional circular twist pattern for these. Just…

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Some great gift giving ideas we can use all year round…..

Welcome to the festive season, aka the wasteful season. The retail industry has transformed the season of generosity into the season of materialism. In 2010, up to 20% of the $7.6 billion worth of Christmas food was thrown away, according to Clean Up Australia. In 2015, it was estimated that for every $100 spent on […]

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