A knitted Tea Cosy

A knitted Tea Cosy

Made with love, and many hours of fiddly knitting


Murder, Rape and the joke of Parole

My friend made the front page of the Metropolitan Newspaper, as well as the Regional Ballarat Courier, today. You see my friend was murdered on April 6th and her killer has finally fronted up at court to testify.

My friend was a loving mother, to a gorgeous young boy, a boy who probably witnessed part of the murder, and had the grim task of finding his dear mother dead in her bedroom. She had friends and family, and people who loved and cared about her. She loved and was loved in return.

The killer was known to my friend, they’d had a relationship, which lasted no more than seven weeks. She’d cut off ties with him, and broken it off. But this was not enough for this killer, no he broke into her house on the 6th April with the intent of raping her. When he failed at that, he bashed her to death with a cricket bat.

This killer – for that is what he was, was on Parole, he’d been released early from prison – his crime that time was a horrific rape, attempted murder and robbery. This killer has ninety nine prior convictions – yes you read that right.

And he was busy breaching his parole, even before he murdered my friend.

What is wrong with the state of Victoria? When men like Dinsley (murderer of my friend) and Bayley (who murdered Jill Meagher) are allowed Parole, and even to breach their parole – and their are no consequences for them?

How many more women, children and men will be raped. murdered, abused and assaulted before there is a review of the current system of granting Parole to Men who will never rehabilitate?  There is no justice for the victims, while these murderers, rapists, abusers are allowed to walk free, while the victims and their families have a lifetime sentence imposed on them.

Where is the justice? When the innocent and the defenceless are put at risk every day of falling victim to violent killers and rapists. It is not enough to shake your head and walk away, I ask you to do something, whether it’s contacting your local Member of Parliament, writing a letter to the newspaper, or even marching in the streets, there has to be something we can do to stop this happening to another family. We’re all part of this big world, a giant community of beings who can move mountains when we want.